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International IFA Succession & Acquisition Specialists

HSP Consulting team has been an adviser to International and UK IFA businesses for over 20 years and has been instrumental in the sale and consolidation of countless IFA businesses in the UK and Asia. 

The Once in a Generation Opportunity

The market has changed so much since 2006 when serious consolidation in the financial services sector began in earnest. 

Today the sector is flooded with consolidators, many with very similar business models and the market has become bland, flat and uninspiring especially to IFA businesses seeking succession planning or exit. 

The role of HSP Consulting is to identify the distinctive of IFA business seeking to exit or to consolidate and to match their characteristics with similarly minded businesses, not exclusively with traditional consolidators but also with smaller like-minded businesses who are seeking to grow a distinctive model and expand via acquisition. 

Our Approach

The ‘IFA for sale space’ is dominated by IFA real estate type brokers. This is vastly different to our consultancy approach which seeks to assist the selling company or the buyer to accommodate important strategic changes before even coming to market and therefore obtaining a better deal than they may otherwise receive. 

The typical purchase model of 3 x annual renewals is also something to be challenged and new methods of sale and purchase are required. HSP Consulting is an international business and has potential purchasers outside the UK, keen to gain a footprint in the UK and Europe and also IFA businesses seeking to gain a footprint in Asia. 

Let’s Change How We

Manage Business

We offer support to UK and Asian IFA business owners who are seeking retirement, succession or businesses looking to expand as well as businesses requiring strategic consultancy advice.

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